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The following provide free access to Full-Text journals in different areas of knowledge related to the fields of study in IUT.

AACC - Cereal Chemistry Table of Contents 1987 - 1996 (Back Issues-Open Access)
MRS Internet journal of nitride semiconductor research Full Text Journals
Peer-reviewed and archival online journal devoted to research on the Group III - nitride semiconductors.
SYNLETT Full Text Journals
SYNTHESIS Full Text Journals
Electronic transactions on artificial intelligence ETAI Full Text Journals
Covers the following areas: Concept based knowledge representation, decision and reasoning under uncertainty, Machine Intelligence Workshops, intelligent user interfaces, artificial intelligence planning and scheduling, reasoning about actions and change.
JAIR Full Text Journals
Covers all areas of artificial intelligence, including bionics, cognitive science, digital computer simulation, electronic data processing, logic machines, machine theory, self-organizing systems, simulation methods, fifth generation computers, and neural computers.
Java world Full Text Journals
JavaWorld magazine is fueling innovation for its readership of technology developers and enterprise managers who are planning, developing, and delivering real-world apps that are changing the way their companies do business daily. Java world's content helps readers understand and effectively use Java and related technologies. This comprehensive, Web-only magazine is assembled by an award-winning editorial team and authored by seasoned Java technology developers and industry experts.
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science  
Earth Matters  
Our Planet  
Palaeontologia electronica. Full Text Journals
Publishes peer-reviewed research papers on paleontology.
Antarctic journal of the United States Full Text Journals
Established in 1966, this journal reports on U.S. activities in Antarctica, related activities elsewhere, and trends in the U.S. Antarctic Program. The Office of Polar Programs publishes short on-line issues of the journal each month and longer printed review issues, which include papers by members of the Antarctic science and logistics community, twice a year. These review issues, published in print and concurrently on-line, also include reprints of selected material that was published in the on-line journal. The longer issues of the Antarctic Journal are sold by the copy through the U.S. GPO.
Ecology and Society  
Information and Library Science
CLIR issues Full Text Journals
CLIR publishes newsletters, technical reports, research briefs, and annual reports. CLIR's agenda embraces the entire range of information resources and services, from traditional library and archival materials to emerging digital formats, and the entire network of organizations that gather, catalog, store, preserve, distribute, and provide access to information.
Computers in Libraries  
HEP libraries webzine Full Text Journals
Focuses on technical libraries, especially high-energy physics libraries, in the area of delivery of services to users. Covers information management (purchasing, cataloging, preservation and archiving, electronic journals and their management, grey literature management, reference services, etc.); resources (reference tools, databases, websites, etc.); and training (including professional development and distance learning).
Issues in science and technology librarianship STS electronic communications Full Text Journals
Publishes substantive material of interest to science and technology librarians, including details of successful programs, materials for delivery of information services, background information and opinions on topics of current interest, and research and bibliographies on issues in science and technology librarianship.
The journal of electronic publishing JEP Full Text Journals
Includes peer reviewed articles from scholars and practioners in the field of electronic publishing.
Journal of library services for distance education Full Text Journals
Articles may be philosophical and/or quantitative analyses of off-campus library issues. Topics: Role/history of library services to distance education, standards, organization/planning for such services, library instruction for remote users, document delivery, inter-library cooperation; literature reviews.
Journal of Information Science and Engineering  
RLG focus Full Text Journals
Intended primarily for users of RLG's computer-based services. Includes information about upcoming new services; new bibliographic, citation or other online resources; enhancements to RLIN, CitaDel, Eureka, Zephyr, and Ariel; tips on their use; and the impact of service updates on the user community.
Studies in bibliography Full Text Journals
Articles and notes on analytical bibliography, textual criticism, manuscript study, the history of printing and publishing, as well as related matters of method and evidence.
The Electronic Library of Mathematics
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Complexity International
Contributions to Algebra & Geometry
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra
Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS
Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA)
Geometry & topology
Journal of Lie Theory
Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal
The electronic journal of combinatorics
Sankhya (The Indian Journal of Statistics)
Electronic communications in probability
Journal of statistics education
Physics and Astrology
IOP Full Text Journals
Electronic newsletter for the history of astronomy Full Text Journals
Newsletter covers all aspects of the history of astronomy.
Mercury Full Text Journals
Mercury gives informed perspectives on salient issues in research, education, history, and public policy relating to astronomy.
MRS Internet journal of nitride semiconductor research Full Text Journals
Peer-reviewed and archival online journal devoted to research on the Group III - nitride semiconductors.
New journal of physics Full Text Journals
Peer-reviewed all-electronic journal publishing original research in all areas of physics.
The NIST reference on constants, units, and uncertainty Full Text Journals
This site addresses three topics: fundamental physical constants, the International System of Units (SI), which is the modern metric system, and expressing the uncertainty of measurement results. It includes online databases and a searchable bibliography, articles and a document delivery service.
Physical review focus Full Text Journals
Provides brief explanations of selected research papers from Physical Review Letters (PRL) at a level accessible to most physicists. Each story provides a hyperlink to the abstract of the research paper in PRL; subscribers to PRL online may then access the full-text.
Physical review special topics. Accelerators and beams Full Text Journals
Covers the full range of accelerator science and technology: subsystem and component technologies; beam dynamics; applications of accelerators; and design, operation and improvement of accelerators used in science and industry. Includes high energy and nuclear physics, synchrotron radiation production, spallation neutron sources, medical therapy, and intense beam applications.
Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal  
Optics Express  
Journal of statistical mechanics: theory and experiment  
Physical biology  
Journal of Geophysics and Engineering  
Journal of Neural Engineering  
ISIJ - The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan 1989-2006 (open access)

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